Software Developer and Digital Marketing Developer Tracks

Choose Your Own Adventure

Pick Your Own Path

DeltaV offers two sets of curriculum for two high-demand careers. Students can decide to study Software Development or Digital Marketing Development. While both sets of curriculum start with the same DeltaV Code 101-201 courses, students then branch off to pursue the career path most appropriate for them.

All classes in the 100 level are beginner-friendly, with every student starting at the same point—no prerequisites or previous experience required. Both curriculum are 20-weeks long in total.

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    DeltaV Code: Software Development

    Thinking about a new career in software development? Start here! DeltaV began in 2017 and has helped many career changers find meaningful careers in software development using proven curriculum from in Seattle, WA. More Info & Code 101 Registration »

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    DeltaV DMD: Digital Marketing Development

    New in 甘肃快3走势图, DeltaV now offers a curriculum for career changers wanting to enter the high demand occupation of Digital Marketing Development. Students start with DeltaV Code 101-201 to get a foundation in working with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, but rather than going deeper into modern web development, students learn more about becoming effective digital marketers. More Info on DMD 301 »

Both curriculum start with DeltaV Code 101-201 and then split into more specific sets of courses customized to your career path.